How Matte Latex Balloons Build a Subtle Party Atmosphere

How Matte Latex Balloons Build a Subtle Party Atmosphere

Matte is trendy. Whether it’s the paint on a car or the style of cosmetics you’re using, modern trends are showing that colors don’t need to have shine to them to garner attention in a crowd. That’s one reason why matte latex balloons are growing in popularity. 

Keeping colors matte helps build a subtle party atmosphere, while also showing that you know what is popular and in style. Here’s why you might consider going from shiny party decorations to matte ones for your next get-together.

Matte Latex Balloons

Is Matte Trendy?

Yes, matte is certainly still trendy. These flat colors first garnered attention when vehicles started to get a matte finish. The cosmetics industry quickly took note and began producing color lines using a matte finish.

Now you’ll find matte as an option for just about anything from party decorations to bathroom fixtures. Matte allows you to blend backgrounds and make the foreground really stand out because of the reduction in light reflection. 

For interior decorating, designers enjoy using matte paint in a room with shiny chrome fixtures, showing that you can mix matte décor with glossy décor and still create a neat look. Matte also won’t show fingerprints or traffic the same way that glossy materials do, which is another reason why designers look to these colors as a strong option. 

More than likely, you’ve seen matte balloons on a friend’s social media pages. The balloons tend to create a subtle effect that helps you focus on the subject of the photo instead of the backdrop.

Is There a Matte Balloon Spray?

No, you can purchase sprays to make your balloons look even shinier, but there is not a spray yet that makes balloons look matte. If you want your balloons to really stand out, you can get a tropical spray that will add a stunning glow to the balloon. 

If you want matte balloons, you should buy them that way instead of intending to make them look flatter after the fact. 

Additionally, using sprays outside can make your balloons pop. So generally, it’s always better to purchase balloons the way you want them to look instead of intending to fix them later.

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What is Balloon Oxidation?

If you were planning for shiny balloons at an outdoor party, you should read up on balloon oxidation. When balloons are exposed to UV light, the latex will begin to break down and lose its velvet sheen. 

This process might happen faster if it is warm outside. Humidity can also speed up the process. Different types of balloons and colors will oxidize at different rates. Chrome balloons tend to oxidize the fastest. 

So if you’re planning an outdoor party, it might be smart to start with matte balloons so that you aren’t surprised by the changes that occur. Or, you can pick from our wide selection of foil balloons to still accomplish a shiny effect if that’s what you’re going for. 

Benefits of Matte Latex Balloons

Choosing matte latex balloons has many outstanding benefits. Here’s a look at some of those benefits.

  1. You won’t struggle with oxidation changing the appearance of your outdoor balloons or balloons that are exposed to sunlight near windows.
  2. Photographers will have to do less editing to reduce glare on shiny balloons. One reason why you might think you’ve seen so many matte balloons on social media is because people are using filters to make the balloons look matte even though everyone at the party knows they were actually shiny. 
  3. You can allow other party elements to take center stage, such as a glamorous dessert table or stunning photo board. 
  4. Latex balloons are more eco-friendly because they will break down in 6 months to 4 years after being disposed of. This can give party planners a sense of pride in knowing that they aren’t harming the environment with poor party materials while still accomplishing the look they want for the party.
  5. Thanks to various size options, you can build stunning balloon garlands or balloon arches that will look great outdoors no matter how sunny it is. 
  6. They can make other colors stand out more. You can mix and match shiny and matte latex balloons to allow secondary colors to fade away while the shiny, primary decoration color stands out proudly. We love the matte ivory balloons for helping regular balloon colors stand out more. 
  7. Matte balloons can match other party elements, such as matte party invitations, which is a fun way to tie together various elements.
  8. It’s far easier to purchase matte balloons than to double stuff them like some party planners do to accomplish a similar effect. While double stuffing can help balloons hold air longer, it’s also cumbersome and time-consuming. Another trick to help balloons last longer is to spray them with hairspray. Just be sure to keep them away from heat because hairspray is flammable.

Matte Balloon Use Cases

Matte Latex Balloons

As you look for ways to make your parties more modern with the addition of matte balloons, you might be wondering about ideal use cases for these balloons. Here’s a look at some party types that work especially well for matte balloons.

Pastel Baby Shower Decorations

Baby showers have a soft, light look to them. Matte balloons can help create that soft environment. Decorators love using matte pastel balloons for baby showers. Nothing looks sweeter or more charming than pastel balloon garlands to celebrate a new little one.


Matte white balloons are excellent for decorating a wedding. Or you can mix white and your wedding’s primary color to incorporate balloons into party decorations without taking away from other decorations or the beauty of the party. 


When designing a photo booth that includes balloons, matte balloons are ideal so that you don’t have to deal with shine, especially if your photobooth requires artificial lighting. Bring in your party colors with matte balloons. Or you can use neutral colors to really let your other photobooth materials shine (literally). 

Outdoor Parties

Matte balloons can speak to nature in many outdoor settings. Plus, you won’t have to worry about oxidation changing the appearance of your balloons. There isn’t a whole lot of shine that naturally occurs in nature. So using matte balloons can make them blend in more with their surroundings and allow your balloons to instead look like a part of your natural backdrop.


You don’t need any excuse to use matte balloons. Because these are a trendy party item, you can use matte balloons how and when it feels right to you. Experiment with mixing matte with some shiny to see what fits your personal style. While you don’t have to follow trends, it’s nice to know that matte balloons are so popular right now to the point where you know your guests will have a great time and enjoy taking photos at your party.

Not sure if matte balloons are right for you? Shop the full collection of latex balloons and find the style that’s right for you. SoNice Party has many color and size options to meet various decoration requirements. Sign up for a wholesale account to get volume discounts.

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