Where to Find Party Decorations for Men

Where to Find Party Decorations for Men

Party decorations are often whimsical and fun instead of rugged and bold. So if you’re planning a party for your husband, dad, brother or coworker, you’re probably seeking out the perfect party theme and party decorations for men.

We have some great ideas for how to plan a party that speaks to the personality of your guest of honor, no matter who they are and what their interests are. Everyone is different and no one fits into any one category or style perfectly. Your party can be completely unique while taking advantage of some standard party supplies that are affordable and readily available.

Party Decorations for Men

Must-have Party Decorations for Men

Simple can be best when you are searching for the best men’s party decorations. You can purchase some staples from SoNice party to have around for any party theme. Here’s a look at some essentials to buy in bulk.

  1. Latex balloons: get these in standard colors or multi-colored packs to have balloons on hand for anything you need them for. There are so many colors and options available to meet your party balloon needs.
  2. Banner: you have tons of options when it comes to banners. But one popular favorite thanks to how often you can reuse it is the honeycomb tassel happy birthday banner
  3. Gift packaging: whether you just want some materials on hand for taking a gift to a party or you’re planning to do a party favor, you’ll find some awesome gift packaging materials. For men’s parties, we especially like the 6”x9” Burlap Bags.
  4. Table cover: you can get skirts and rolls of tablecloths at outstanding prices. No matter the color or design you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. Theming your party casino night? You’ll love this checkered table cover
  5. Tableware: from flatware to classic clear plastic cups, you’ll find everything you need for any type of party. And it won’t be too fancy for a party honoring a man.

Masculine Color Palette Ideas

It can feel like most party decorations, wrapping paper and greeting cards focus more heavily on female demographics than male. That might be because the party planning industry is heavily dominated with 79.6 percent female party planners.

However, there are still plenty of ways to create a fun celebration that incorporates the personality of your guest of honor no matter who they are.

Here’s a look at some color palettes that can lend themselves to a more masculine party theme and atmosphere if that’s what you’re going for.

1. Sea Blue

This is a popular color for all types of parties right now. These watery blues are sophisticated and pair well with neutrals, like grey or white. You’ll find party decorations in this color with incredible ease thanks to its current popularity. And while it speaks to waterfronts, you don’t need to be anywhere near the water to plan a party centered around sea blue for the color palette.

2. Muted Green

Another popular party color right now is muted green. It’s light, airy and speaks to nature. So if your guest of honor loves the outdoors and you want to throw a somewhat more sophisticated party than one focused on camo, muted green is the way to go. Greens can brighten any space and make even small event spaces seem light and airy. And it leaves room for botanical centerpieces and pairs well with shades of brown. 

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3. Red

Red is bold and fun. Most people look great in red and the fiery color is a fun way to celebrate any occasion. Have a guest of honor who loves grilling? You can use reds, oranges and browns to create a fun outdoor cookout theme during the nice weather months. This is a fun way to enjoy the grill, create a simple menu and celebrate.

4. Team Colors

If you have a sports fanatic, you can’t go wrong with using their team’s colors to decorate the party. As we head into the heavier sports season and more indoor parties, a sports theme can work well and give you a fun activity during the party by discussing the team, its potential for the season, etc. It might seem cliché but it can be a simple, easy party theme that your guest of honor will enjoy.

Best Men’s Birthday Party Themes

You can theme your party around your guest of honor’s interests, or you can theme it around a menu. Here are some fun ideas for men’s birthday party themes.

Bluegrass and Bourbon

Know someone who loves bluegrass music? Pair that with bourbon for a fun, masculine-themed birthday. Your guests will have a great time, and you can use creative ways to involve children if you’ll have young guests. Offer apple juice instead of bourbon, and teach the young ones some bluegrass dancing moves.

Gourmet Burger Bar

For the grill master, plan a gourmet burger bar. Just don’t make your guest of honor be the grill master today. Get all the fun fixings for creating different types of popular burger combos, such as mushroom and Swiss or blue cheese and buffalo sauce. Allow guests to create their own new popular burger option. 

Bloody Mary Bar

This is another fun idea and is great if you’ll be hosting an early party or a tailgate for a noon football game. Some people even enjoy bloody Mary drinks at lunchtime, which gives you some flexibility for when to host this themed party.

Taco Bar

Taco-themed parties are some of the easiest to plan and throw. That’s because you just need to set out a variety of toppings, some tortilla chips and maybe a few appetizers. They’ll be something for everyone. 

70s, 80s or 90s Party

Party Decorations for Men

If you’re celebrating a landmark birthday, it can be fun to go back to the decade when the guest of honor was growing up. It will be reminiscent of some great years of the person’s life and be a fun way to honor them and who they are. So theme your party after their favorite decade. Creating the playlist, dress code and more will be simple.

Casino Night

The color scheme for casino night is simple – red, black and white. And you’ll have an easy entertainment idea of playing cards or other common casino games. Maybe you have quite the card shark you’re celebrating. This is an easy theme to pull off.

Party Supplies and Décor

If you need party supplies and décor for any type of party, SoNice Party has it. We offer wholesale accounts for companies that order in bulk. Sign up for a wholesale account today

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