The Ultimate Guide to Balloon Garlands: Trends and Techniques

The Ultimate Guide to Balloon Garlands: Trends and Techniques

Balloon garlands can immediately set the tone for a party. They turn an average space into a fun-looking party place. And when you master building a balloon garland, you can make some good money from marketing and selling it.

Learn the latest balloon garland trends and how to build them to create outstanding parties that wow your guests.

Balloon Garland Trends

As you look to stock the ideal balloon garland materials at your party store or get started with a balloon garland service, here’s a look at some style and design trends you don’t want to miss.

1. Neutral Tones

By incorporating neutral tones, parties exhibit a sophisticated elegance. That fits in well with various party types and events. The use of blush, sage and champagne is the most popular right now. 

Some garlands include blooms or leaves in their designs to pull in natural elements to further add to the sophistication and beauty the garland offers.

The color of 2024 is peach-fuzz, so stock ample light orange balloons to be in line with the latest trends of using neutral tones.

2. Metallic

Another way of elevating the appearance of balloons to make them fit with any party theme is to use metallic balloons in your designs. The most popular colors for metallics are gold, silver and rose gold. 

Alternatively, you can add confetti to clear balloons to still get that bling in there but with a different appearance. Using balloons of various shapes and sizes is also beneficial here.

3. Oversized Garlands

While some party hosts might want a small garland that goes over their threshold for a family party, most want massive displays that transform ordinary party spaces into their dream venue for hosting their event.

Consider the ideal size for photo backdrops with multiple people in focus so that the balloons complement the photo nicely while still allowing the subjects to shine through.

Try to use different sizes and shapes to make the garland steal the show. Allow those shapes to give the garland dimension so that it reaches up and out. More dimension can also add a bit of playfulness to the garland.

4. Interactivity

Balloons are fun on their own but when you fill them with additional materials, they are all the more fun. Consider using confetti-filled balloons or balloons with LED lights. This can make your balloons a bit more exciting.

In the winter, create a snow-globe effect with fake snow inside and even include characters inside the balloons to round out the appearance. These creations can help make memorable celebrations. 

5. Creative Art Displays

To make your balloon garlands stand out, you can offer more than just a garland. Offer a full art display or setup that will wow guests and delight your party host.

Consider setups ideal for the backdrop where a child opens their birthday presents. Or the picture-perfect backdrop where the couple stands during their gender announcement in a moment no one will forget. The garland might be one element of that backdrop in addition to other party décor.

When you can handle it all, you’ll be a more popular go-to for ordering materials from and can differentiate yourself from those who make classic balloon garlands with little variation from party to party aside from color and size. You can truly offer it all with full party décor advice and expertise.

6. Unique Shapes

A garland doesn’t have to be a simple strand of balloons, though that is the most common form. You can shape balloons into any design, such as a heart or animal to create a truly unique creation that partygoers will love.

Get creative and test out new designs to see what you can come up with. Then take photos of the design to market it to future customers and build out your business further.

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Balloon Garland Techniques and Tips

One balloon garland won’t be right for every party. Instead, you need to think about the practicality of the balloon for different applications and use cases. Here are some techniques and tips to keep in mind as you design ideal party decorations that will keep party hosts returning to you for more.

1. Consider Presentation

Choose your balloons and design carefully based on the party theme, age of partygoers and what the host has told you about the party and its guests. Make sure you consider the party planner’s preferences and requests when selecting the balloons, colors and design for your creation.

2. Balloon Quality

High-quality balloons will perform far better than low-quality ones. You want to ensure that your balloons will hold air and keep their vibrancy throughout the duration of the party. Plus, you’ll need to have them inflated at least several hours before the party if not a full day. You want to know that they will still look great when it comes time for them to truly shine as the centerpiece of the celebration.

3. Inflate Balloons Properly

Inflate balloons fully and keep in mind that they will likely lose a little air as they age. This is very normal even with high-quality balloons. So start with nicely inflated balloons to allow for a little bit of air loss. 

4. Build in Pieces and Finalize On-site

Some balloon creations are so impressive, they that cannot be transported assembled. Learn how to transport an assembled balloon garland in clusters that you fully assemble once on-site at the party location.

5. Give Customers Customization Options

For the best results, offer customers customization options. This can add some personal touches. And customization doesn’t mean just choosing between colors in the garland. You want to allow customers to select how many columns they want or the shape of the garland.

This requires deep expertise and lots of practice. Test new designs for your family parties or offer discounted designs where you get to select the style so that you get a chance to test new design options.

6. Ask to See the Venue

Some party planners or hosts have big ideas for their parties but forget to make sure they’ll fit in their venue. Asking to see the venue or inquiring as to where the party will be hosted can help you ensure that the balloon decorations will fit in the event space. That way, you don’t end up having to change the design at the last minute or the party host is frustrated that there isn’t enough space for other party materials once you have the garland in the room.

7. Consider Temperature and Humidity

When designing your balloon garlands, it’s also helpful to know how and where they will be used. This will tell you whether you need additional provisions for outdoor wear. When balloons are outside, they can lose their natural shine. You can treat the balloons to help prevent this loss in appearance.

Finding High-quality Balloons

Whether you’re a balloon creation designer or you own a party supply store that you want to stock with high-quality balloons for your patrons to use in their designs, SoNice Party offers affordable products at wholesale prices. Sign up for a wholesale account now to start shopping.

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