Wholesale Balloons Online: Find the Best Deals for Your Business

Wholesale Balloons Online: Find the Best Deals for Your Business

If you’re looking to save money and improve your profit margins on your party supply business, you should shop wholesale balloons online for better prices and options. Because you need customers to keep coming back and buying your party supplies, you need to balance price with quality. In fact, quality should be your top priority because you want a good reputation in your community.

Learn more about how to find good deals on wholesale balloons and smart ways to manage your party supply business to improve profit margins.

How to Find the Best Wholesale Balloon Deals Online

Sourcing goods is a crucial aspect of any brick-and-mortar store. Learn these tips for finding wholesale balloons online that offer the best prices for high-quality goods.

1. Shop Less Popular Brands

Some brands become household names for a reason – because they truly are the best. Others win over customers thanks to marketing and sales tactics. Finding the lesser-known brands can help you stock high-quality balloons at low prices to improve your profit margins.

The best way to accomplish this is to use trial and error. While there is a cost associated with this upfront, it pays dividends later. 

SoNice Party offers balloons in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. You’ll find latex balloons ideal for any occasion as well as foil balloons designed for specific celebrations. Search the inventory for options for air, helium or both, and stock this quality, affordable option in your store or for use in a party planning business.

2. Order Higher Quantities

Cash flow can be an issue for using this tip. But if you can spare the cash flow, increasing order quantities can reduce the per-unit price for your goods. Just make sure you have the market for the goods. If you don’t, you’ll end up with bad debt on the items.

Evaluate what products are your best sellers or if you’re just getting started, consider which products are the most generic and useful for a variety of party types. Those are the products worth considering for higher-order quantities. 

3. Order All Supplies from One Wholesaler

The more you order from a single wholesaler, the better prices will likely be. Plus, you won’t chip into your margins with shipping expenses because large orders generally ship free from most wholesale providers.

Look for a company that sells more than just balloons online for wholesale prices. Look for other party décor items and staples, such as tablecloths and other tableware.

4. Monitor Inventory Closely

Another avoidable expense is last-minute ordering. Then you have to expedite the order and can’t combine it with other items the same way you can with carefully planned purchases.

Keep tabs on how long inventory tends to last and forecast ordering based on seasonality. That way, you never run out, leading to disappointed customers and a rush to get the item back on the shelves.

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5. Bulk Order During Discounts

When you see a discount on a product you stock, bulk order it. You won’t have to lower the price of the item in-store, which means you can enjoy larger profit margins on that product. 

Just be sure you know you’ll be able to sell the item and that you have the storage space for it. Some stores have limited footprints and no warehouse space to keep large quantities of items. If that sounds like you, be smart and order in bulk conservatively.

6. Ask Customers What They Want

Wholesale Balloons

You won’t know the best items to stock until you listen to your customers and their needs. Post polls and surveys on your digital channels, such as your website and social media. 

Leave open comment boxes on your surveys and learn more about what wholesale balloons online to look for. Some customers might be looking for balloons for specific occasions or use cases you hadn’t considered.

7. Monitor Trends

Watch for the newest balloon use cases and designs to stay current on what customers might be looking for. Whether you’re a party planner looking for the trendiest backdrops or a party supply store operator, if you stay current on trends, you’ll be more likely to be the go-to expert for party essentials.

Dedicate 10-15 minutes each week to monitoring celebrities and leading party companies to watch for trends to stay on top of everything. Some trends you might want to monitor include the following.

  • Organic colors: people are leaning into natural colors a great deal for today’s party planning. Think blush, sage and champagne when shopping for balloon colors.
  • Metallic: balloons can look far more sophisticated and fit a wider variety of party styles when they are shiny. Metallic balloons are all the rage for more elegant parties.
  • Oversized: large designs are popular, so lean into the big, bold designs that larger garlands and shapes offer.
  • Filled balloons: adding a little confetti to a balloon gives it added intrigue. You can stock confetti and instruct customers on how to use it. Or put them in the same aisle to help spark customers’ curiosity. Some designers are even putting LED lights inside balloons to make them twinkle in a fun, unique way.

8. Know Your Geography

A business located in one city can sell the exact same products but have a totally different experience from a similar company in a different city. That’s because different geographic locations will experience different interests from their target audience.

Do your research and know what other party supply businesses or party planners are offering in your area. When purchasing wholesale products, ask yourself whether those products will make you distinctive. If not, consider stocking different items.

If stores in your area already stock the leading balloon brands at expensive balloon brand prices, your area likely doesn’t need another store like this. Instead, consider offering a budget option or an option that’s easier to purchase in bulk for use in balloon garlands or other similar use cases.

Get Started with a Leading Balloon Wholesale Company

SoNice Party offers more than just balloons. You can stock an entire party supply store with our products. We know because we stock our own party supply store in California using the products and can tell you that customers enjoy these products and their uses.

Sign up for a wholesale account now to get started with high-quality products at excellent prices to fuel your business.

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