What Brand of Balloons Do Professionals Use in the USA?

What Brand of Balloons Do Professionals Use in the USA?

Balloon quality makes a difference for professionals who design arches, garlands, animals and more. One of the most common questions balloon professionals get is how early can you build a balloon creation and deliver it for a party while still ensuring that it looks great. Learn the best brand of balloons professionals use in the USA. These artists share their top tips for making high-quality creations.

Ultimately, the brand of balloons that professionals use dictates how well the balloon holds its air, glossy appearance and structure to delight partygoers and please party organizers.

Learn from professionals who work with balloon brands to learn what their favorites are and why. This can help inform what you stock your shelves with to ensure you have what customers are looking for when it comes to wholesale balloons and supplies.

Best Brand of Balloons According to Professionals

Watch this video for a balloon artist’s answer to what is the best balloon brand. Or read a breakdown that brings together thoughts from various balloon experts on the top brands.

One factor to consider when comparing brands is how old the balloons are. The longer the latex sits, the harder it can be to work with. Party supply stores must avoid over-ordering balloons to prevent them from having old inventory on shelves that will frustrate or disappoint customers.

Another factor is how and when the professional uses the balloon. For example, putting balloons outside will age them much faster and some brands perform better outside than others.


As far as latex balloons go, this is one of the more affordable, well-known brands. The company also offers some unique color options to match the branding for various businesses without the need to stuff or layer the colors to accomplish the appearance you’re looking for. Plus, the balloons are easy to work with according to the experts.


  • Less expensive options
  • Unique color options
  • Great appearance once inflated
  • Easy to work with
  • Longer necks make for easier tying


  • None


Brand of Balloons Professionals Use

Enjoy premium balloons that fit with trending colors. While professionals note some challenges in working with these balloons, they are overall high-quality and enjoyable. 

You can purchase these balloons at wholesale prices to resell them in-store and become a distributor listed on their website.


  • Stunning color options available
  • Trending colors and designs


  • Develops a small dot at the opposite end of where the balloon is inflated
  • Can have some mild streaking on the balloon


Build incredible bouquets, garlands and arches using Sempertex balloons. The color options are extensive, allowing balloon artists to get the appearance and branding they want from the balloons. The brand is based in Columbia but many U.S. retailers and customers choose this brand.


  • Offers a more matte appearance for designs you want to fade into the party setting a bit
  • Unique color options
  • A good brand that balloon professionals trust


  • Can be challenging to inflate and work with
  • Tougher consistency than competitors

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This European brand has headquarters in Florida to make purchasing from them simple and hassle-free within the country. As a balloon manufacturer since 1884, the company has a well-known brand that has stood the test of time. The balloons are high-quality and long-lasting to offer artists an easy way to create designs in advance of an actual event.


  • Quality appearance once inflated
  • Latex balloons are biodegradable
  • Long-lasting appearance


  • Somewhat see-through once inflated
  • Different size balloons age differently, making creations look tired faster
  • Slightly thinner than competitors


Balloons from Kalisan have a buttery consistency that balloon artists enjoy working with. Plus, they look great once inflated. You’ll find many prints and designs from this manufacturer, including metallic colors. You can also purchase banners, foil balloons, candles, confetti and napkins from the company to get what you need to operate your party store.


  • Soft, buttery consistency that is easy to work with
  • Excellent appearance once inflated
  • Less expensive compared to other leading brands


  • Not as many colors available
  • Reds look a little on the light side once inflated
  • Thinner than competitors


These balloons offer a flexible consistency, making them easier to work with and tie off once filled. The color ranges are vast and the company helps offer tips on stuffing to get an even broader range of colors to meet your needs. 


  • Most flexible, easy to inflate and tie off
  • High-quality balloons
  • Many colors available
  • Assist with stuffing
  • Encourage stuffing to mix colors and get the color you want
  • Biodegradable
  • Very stretchy and easy to work with
  • A good option for outdoor use


  • Double stuffing is tough because the balloons are so thick


Qualatex is one of the leading balloon brands according to many reviewers. These balloons are biodegradable, which makes them especially attractive to balloon artists who use many balloons in a day and want to know they are doing their part for the planet. 


  • Most high-quality finish compared to the competition
  • Shiny, stunning appearance
  • Chic appearance even after many hours of being inflated
  • High-quality balloons
  • Many colors available
  • Assistance and guidance for stuffing
  • Encourage stuffing to mix colors and get the color you want
  • No residue with use
  • Biodegradable


  • Some colors might be see-through once inflated
  • More narrow neck compared to competitors
  • Quality might not be what it used to be

A Professional’s Tips for Making Balloon Creations Look Great Days Later

Brand of Balloons Professionals Use

As balloon creations age, the balloons might deteriorate at different rates. If you welcome new designers to your store and they have questions about how many balloons they’ll need, encourage buying 10-20% more than they estimate their creation will initially require.

That’s because balloon professionals recommend switching out tired, slouchy-looking balloons for fresh ones as the balloon garland or arch ages. That way, you can still get several days from the party focal point without having to build a whole new one. Those just getting started in the business might not be aware of this option and will see you as a helpful asset to their business if you suggest buying extra to switch out later.

Some corporations or stores order balloon garlands and arches to celebrate week-long grand openings or anniversary sales. Having high-quality balloons and the know-how to keep these creations looking great for longer periods will help showcase your expertise and bring customers back to your store for more supplies.

Local Stores Stock Unique Options

A balloon artist answered questions about the best balloon brands for designing outstanding-looking creations. Her advice was to check local stores to try out balloons that these companies offer that aren’t the big brands, and therefore don’t come with the big price tags.

While some brands haven’t made their way to the top of the list for balloon artists just yet, they still serve a specific marketplace.

SoNice Party offers high-quality balloons in many colors. You’ll find these balloons hold up well under various conditions and are extremely affordable when using hundreds at a time to build one garland or arch.

Stocking these balloons can help boost your profit margins because their wholesale prices are far better than those of the big names while still offering a quality appearance and experience.

Create your wholesale account now to get access to these balloons.

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