Foil Balloon Numbers Wholesale – Finding Reliable and Cheap Suppliers

Foil Balloon Numbers Wholesale – Finding Reliable and Cheap Suppliers

Before you buy foil balloon numbers wholesale, take some time to get to know how customers will use these balloons and what they look for in the product. That way, you ensure you’re stocking high-quality items your customers will love and will be delighted with.

What Are Foil Balloons?

When it comes to party balloons, there are two main categories that items might fall under: latex or foil. Latex is your standard party balloon that you can fill with air and sometimes helium depending on the quality of the products. Generally, latex balloons are smaller than foil balloons and people tend to buy higher quantities of these balloons to fill a party space.

In contrast, foil balloons come in various shapes and sizes, including being shaped like numbers to help celebrate birthdays and special occasions. They are generally metallic, which makes them stand out as the centerpiece of a party. 

Some people use foil balloons to spell out a name or guest of honor to make the party extra special. 

The fact that you can get foil balloons in various themes, designs, shapes and appearances makes them attractive to party planners. It makes them versatile to personalize a party in a way most latex balloons cannot.

Benefits Foil Balloons Offer

When stocking foil balloons in your party store, consider the benefits your customers might be looking for when shopping for these balloons. 

1. Holds Air Longer

Customers like that they can shop for foil balloons several days before a party and they’ll still look great because they hold air longer than latex balloons. Depending on the quality of the balloon, foil balloons might float with helium for a week or even as long as a month.

They make a nice item for children to take home after a party and remember the fun of their celebration, making it possible to set the tone for a longer-term party, such as in the case of a family birthday party and then a birthday party with friends the following day.

2. Comes in More Shapes and Designs

Foil Balloon Numbers Wholesale – Finding Reliable and Cheap Suppliers

When shopping wholesale foil balloons, consider purchasing popular party themes and images to meet customer expectations. While you can’t stock every popular children’s character, but you can try to have a balloon that would fit in with that character based on colors, shapes or other design elements.

To limit the SKUs you must manage, you could consider purchasing packaged foil numbers in 0-9 in a variety of colors. That way, you don’t have to stock every number in every color individually. While it will cost customers more, it might improve profit margins for your business by reducing how much you have to manage.

3. Picture-perfect Moments

One of the most popular use cases for wholesale number balloons is to capture the perfect moment. Parents will always remember which birthday a photo is from when it has a number backdrop or the child is holding a balloon with their age showcased.

It gives parents something to share to help celebrate the occasion while also solidifying it in their memory and photo logs. That’s why these balloons have grown in popularity as a way to share perfect birthday photos on social media and with relatives. 

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4. Can Be Useful for Corporate Celebrations

You can also cater to another crowd with foil-numbered balloons. As businesses celebrate their years in business or congratulate an employee on a milestone anniversary working for the company, number balloons can help mark the occasion.

Marketing to consumers alongside other businesses is challenging because each audience subset has different interests and requirements when purchasing balloons but it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t overlook.

Make it easy for corporate party planners by offering packages of cups, plates, cutlery and decorations for standard office party occasions, and even consider delivering the items to match their busy schedules. It’s one more way to make your party supply store stand out from the competition.

Best Options for Foil Balloons Wholesale

Now that you know more about foil balloons and how your customers will use them, it’s time to pick a wholesale supplier to get high-quality stock for your store. Here’s a look at the best options and why.

1. SoNice Party

With a large stock of 34-inch foil balloon numbers, you’ll find what you need to stock the shelves at your party supply store. These balloons are large enough to be a strong backdrop for photos or be a nice centerpiece in a bunch of floating balloons. They are also helium-ready, which means customers can use them in a variety of ways to best meet their needs.

Number balloons come in many colors including black, green, light blue, light pink, pastel rainbow, purple, fuchsia, gold, red, rose gold, royal blue, and silver. Purchase them in 0-9 to ensure you will have what your customers need.

Customers will love these balloons because they include an easy self-seal for simple air inflation and fast party prep.

Alongside these outstanding large foil number options, you’ll find smaller 16-inch number balloons. These are better used for backdrops or for a child to hold during photos because they are only designed for air inflation and not to float. They include tabs to make them simple to hang and display at a party. And like the larger numbers, you can get them in just about any color to match a party theme or the guest of honor’s favorite colors.

2. Bargain Balloons

You’ll find one of the widest arrays of numbered foiled balloons at Bargain Balloons. But be careful going all out on these balloons. Depending on the size of your store and its order volumes, having too many number balloon designs could take up too much space or lead to financial losses if you aren’t careful.

So while it might be fun to have a couple of unique patterns to offer customers, don’t go all out in this area and leave little room for other balloon shapes, styles and designs.

Foil balloons from Bargain Balloons are double-sided and sold at wholesale, sometimes without packaging. While this can be a benefit because you can design custom packaging with your branding, it’s also one more step before getting products into the hands of your customers, so consider carefully whether this is for you or not. These unpackaged products can be ideal for party stores that offer helium inflation. You don’t need the balloons packaged if you’ll just be filling them and handing them to the customer floating.

The balloons come in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns to meet your needs. They come from a variety of manufacturers and designs only for air and some for air and helium.

Getting Started with Foil-Numbered Balloons

Start stocking popular foil-numbered balloons in your party supply store today by creating a wholesale account with SoNice Party. Not only will you get access to high-quality foil party balloons, but you’ll also have access to many other party supplies, including tablecloth rolls, cutlery, cups, decorations and party favors.

Create your wholesale account now for a one-stop shop for stocking your party supply store or party planning business.

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