What is the Price of a Professional Balloon Stuffing Machine?

What is the Price of a Professional Balloon Stuffing Machine?

If you’re considering starting a balloon stuffing business, you’ll want to price out what it will cost you to get started. The largest cost for getting started is a professional balloon stuffing machine. This will make it possible for you to place gifts and goodies inside a clear balloon, which will be the centerpiece of your arrangement.

Balloon Stuffing Machine Price

The cost of a stuffed balloon machine will vary based on the use case and how large of items you want to place in the balloon. You’ll also want to consider how heavily you’ll use the machine to decide if you can afford to start with a cheaper model to get your business off the ground.

On average, balloon stuffing machines cost $200, though you can find some in the $1,000 range. You can also find options that put you closer to $150, but you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a cheaper machine based on how invested you are in getting your business off the ground.

What to Look Out for With Cheap Balloon Stuffing Machine

The cheaper the machine, the more you have to worry about issues or the device not lasting long. Some issues users encounter with low-quality machines include the following.

1. Balloons Won’t Inflate

Some machines poorly inflate or don’t inflate the balloons at all. That makes it challenging to stuff the balloons properly because the balloons aren’t stretched out enough to make larger items fit inside.

2. Balloons Rip During Use

There’s a fine line between stretching a balloon to its capacity and stretching it to the point where it rips. You want a machine that will stretch it just far enough without it costing you extra money in spare balloons. 

3. Device is Bulky or Heavy

You might dread getting your balloons stuffing machine out to prepare a customer order if it is too bulky or heavy. No matter what, it will take up some room in your home but it shouldn’t be so cumbersome that you don’t want to work with it at all.

4. Challenging to Learn How to Use with Limited Manuals or Instructions

Modern devices often publish their manuals online, and that’s fine, so long as they are easy to access and read. But you might end up with a stuffing balloon machine with limited instructions that are just challenging to figure out. Read reviews carefully to see if users found it easy enough to get started. 

5. Included Balloons Are Challenging to Work With

You might find a balloon stuffing machine kit that comes with balloons to help you get started. At first, that seems like the best way to get your business up and running. The challenge is, these balloons are often low quality and hard to work with. Cheap balloons might pop before you can finish the project or get the stuffed balloon to its final recipient. So while the machine might be fine, the included balloons are so poor it’s challenging to fully evaluate the machine.

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6. The Machine Only Lasts a Few Months

At this point, you might be unsure about whether you want to invest in a professional balloon stuffing machine because you aren’t sure whether your business will take off and don’t want to have too much money wrapped up in it if it doesn’t. While that’s understandable, you have to be comfortable with the idea that cheaper machines might only last a few months.

7. Cheap Machines Require More Labor to Stuff Balloons

Investing in an easy-to-use machine will help save time fulfilling each order. The less time balloon stuffing takes, the more orders you can accept each day and the greater your business income can be. This will help ensure you get the most from your business without feeling frustrated by the whole process.

Best Balloon Stuffing Machine

As you search for the best machine to support your stuffed balloon business, here’s a look at some of the best options. 

1. Puff ‘N Stuff with Expander

This tabletop balloon stuffer is lightweight and portable, so you can take it to parties to delight guests or visit local fairs and other events and make your creations on-site. It features a 5-inch collar opening that will work well with any 18-inch latex balloon. 

The machine comes with a balloon expander as well as an inflator hose that connects to most balloon inflators. Another great feature that this machine boasts is a protective cloth sleeve that helps keep balloons safe during the stuffing process.

It comes with a one-year limited warranty, so you can rest assured you’ll be ready to stuff balloons for the next 12 months.

2. Super Stuffer Balloon Machine

Professional Balloon Stuffing Machine

This is a higher-end stuffer that comes with a larger price tag. But if you’re invested in the balloon stuffing business, it’s worth the price. It comes with a balloon neck stretcher so you can easily get gifts and décor inside. 

The one catch to this machine is that it is floor-standing, meaning you’ll need to have plenty of space to store it standing upright on the ground. It is 31 inches tall. You won’t have to prepare counter space for it, but it won’t allow you to transform your kitchen table into your business space the same way more portable devices will. 

Because of the size and design of this machine, you’ll also need to be ready to assemble it upon arrival. 

3. Keepsake Balloon Stuffer

This machine is made in the USA and makes it simple to get your stuffed balloon business going. It isn’t one of the cheaper options, but it is one of the sturdier, tried and true options. You can operate it on a tabletop, which makes it ideal for smaller spaces. It’s also small enough that you can transport it in the back of a standard car alongside the goods you’ll need for stuffing balloons.

One unique aspect of this option is that it provides tools for stuffing a heart-shaped balloon, which could differentiate your business.

Users enjoy the hands-free foot switch for turning the device on and off. And because the machine is made from polycarbonate resin, it is far sturdier than Acrylic plastic, which is what many balloon stuffing machines are made from.

The machine has great reviews and offers unique features compared to the competition.

Balloon Stuffing Machine Wholesale

You likely don’t need more than one balloon stuffing machine to get started. But you will need ample balloons that are high quality to get your business started. Make impressive creations by including animals or themed creations as part of your inventory. 

The 260 modeling balloons from SoNice Party will support making your stuffed balloons extra special and unique so you can stand out from your competitors. 

Create a wholesale account now to support your business with high-quality party and balloon supplies.

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