Balloon Wholesalers: Comparing Prices, Quality, and Services for the Best Deals

Balloon Wholesalers: Comparing Prices, Quality, and Services for the Best Deals

When selling party supplies, one of the most important items you’ll stock is balloons. While the other decorations can help showcase the theme or delight the guest of honor by showing how well you know them, the balloons set the party scene.

There is such a thing as a cheap balloon. And sadly, you won’t know it until you have one on hand. Learn about how to compare prices, quality and service from balloon wholesalers to find the best deals on the best products.

Steps to Compare Balloon Wholesalers

At first, it might feel like you’re comparing two very different things as you launch into finding the best party supply wholesalers. But as you learn how to spot the best sellers, you’ll see there is a distinct difference between the great ones and the mediocre ones. Here are several steps you should take to find quality wholesalers.

1. Read Reviews

Other customers have made it easier for you to learn more about a wholesaler. Check on websites like Trustpilot and Google reviews. As you read, consider these qualities that make for a great partner for latex balloon wholesalers.

  • Reliability: you need to know that your product will arrive when they say it will because you have customers to serve as well
  • Customer service: what happens when you have a question or need some assistance with an order? If it’s too hard to get in touch with the wholesaler, you likely won’t want to spend the time contacting them. Ensure the customer service team is easy to reach, responsive and ready to help.
  • Quality products: everyone’s idea of a quality product will vary. But if everyone is saying in their reviews that the product is poor quality, it likely is. Look for trends in the reviews as far as how good the balloons really are.

2. Review Prices

Quality and experience working with the wholesaler will surpass prices most of the time. But that doesn’t mean price is not an important factor when choosing wholesale partners. 

When comparing prices, consider the units you get for the price. Then take it one step further. Consider how many balloons are in each unit. That will impact what you can resell the units for, which will impact the value of the product.

Don’t forget to factor in shipping expenses or small order quantity prices. You won’t always be doing a full inventory stock when purchasing balloons. So you need to know that you can work with the balloon cost even when you have to pay for shipping or need a small quantity for restocking.

3. Ensure the Wholesaler is Legitimate

Sadly, there are so many online scams where people set up websites that look completely legitimate but are just scams to take people’s money and run. Once they have a large order, they shut down the website and remove all traces that it ever existed. And you’re out thousands of dollars you needed to prepare inventory for your party supply store.

When verifying credentials, look for these key details.

  • Physical address: once you know that address, dig a little deeper to check it on a map and look at the street view. If it looks like an open field or illegitimate business, walk away.
  • Phone number while you don’t have tons of time to use on learning about balloons wholesalers, you do want to make sure you’re purchasing from a real company. It’s best to call the number and see what happens. If it rings busy or is suspicious in some way, you should likely walk away. 
  • Professional website: this is the easiest part to fake. But if you recognize the website design just with a different logo up in the corner as another wholesale website you just visited, this might be part of a large scam where the user is just putting up as many websites as possible to see which will fake someone. No two competitors will have matching websites. You can also look up to see how old the domain is. If it’s very recent, it’s better to move on and keep looking.

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4. Request Referrals

Check-in with other party planners or party supply stores to see what their experience working with the vendor was like. And if they have no familiarity with that vendor, ask them who they use or what their experience has been like. Getting a recommendation is one of the best ways to find new, reliable vendors you can trust because someone else has already done the vetting for you.

If you’re worried about getting too much information from your competitors, go outside your service area. Ask party planners and supply stores in other states or regions. Network with these individuals at tradeshows and other events in your industry to find the best wholesalers without having to go through the pains of ordering low-quality balloons as a test.

5. Attend Party Supply Trade Shows

If you’re new to the industry, the concept of a party supply trade show might be completely new to you. But there are several excellent trade shows where you can meet vendors and see their products in person. Some trade shows you might consider attending include the following.

  • ASD Show
  • Halloween and Party Expo
  • PFA Show

Quality Latex and Mylar Balloon Wholesaler SoNice Party

SoNice Party is an experienced party supply store that now offers its products for wholesale purchasing. After years of experience perfecting products that customers seek, the company now offers other retailers the opportunity to market these high-quality, affordable products.

Balloons are one of the SoNice Party’s specialties. As you shop, you’ll find latex balloons in the following styles and options.

wholesale balloons


  • Regular
  • Chrome
  • Matte
  • Macron


  • Single-color
  • Multicolor


  • 5”
  • 9”
  • 12”
  • 18”
  • 24”

Not only are the latex balloons incredible quality but the mylar balloons come in many styles and designs to meet the needs of any party. So whether you’re looking to celebrate a graduation or a retirement, you’ll find a design that meets your needs. 

Mylar balloons come in 16” or 34” with options for a variety of numbers, letters and styles to create ideal backdrops or set the scene for a party. A trendy way to use balloons is as part of a photo booth. And nothing captures the moment quite like a number balloon to hold that showcases a milestone birthday or occasion. 

If you have a question or need help, the support team is just an email or phone call away. Request new products, share ideas or tell the team where they didn’t do the best. They will work hard to find a solution or get back to you quickly.

Know that when you order a product Monday through Friday, it ships within 48 hours to best serve your needs. You’ll get an order tracking number. Or if the item is back ordered, you’ll know as soon as it is back in stock and get regular notifications about when it ships and how it impacts your order. Take some time to review the SoNice shipping and returns policy to see how the company handles these requests.

Get started ordering your wholesale balloons by setting up a wholesale account today.

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