Seasonal Demand for Party Supplies: Understanding and Capitalizing on the Trends

Seasonal Demand for Party Supplies: Understanding and Capitalizing on the Trends

Many businesses experience seasonal demand for party supplies, and the supply industry is no stranger to these. Consider how the most celebrated holidays tend to be at the end of the year with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all separated by two months.

But there are other seasonal party supplies you don’t want to overlook. Review this list to find out more about the seasonality you can expect from shoppers.

Seasonal Party Supplies and When to Stock These Items

Maintaining the right amount of stock for seasonal items without having to pack them away and store them until that time next year or putting them on closeout and losing money on the supplies or just breaking even is a fine line.

Understanding when people throw parties and the themes that often accompany those parties can help you prepare for stocking your shelves appropriately. Here’s a look at what to expect.

Valentine’s Day – Mid-February

After a lull during January, it’s always fun to see the party business rebound with Valentine’s Day. It isn’t nearly as large as some of the other holidays on the list and only lasts for a few weeks. The most popular parties are those within classrooms and businesses. 

People will find various ways to celebrate though, especially given that they haven’t had a reason to celebrate for some time. Celebrate the season of love with some fun party decorations during the early weeks of February.

Easter – Late March or April

After Valentine’s Day comes another party lull until Easter, which can be anywhere from late March through the end of April depending on the year. You’ll stock eggs, bunnies and chicks as people turn their attention to spring and all the fun that comes with it. 

You might also stock some candy that will fit inside the eggs easily as a one-stop shop for customers to get everything they need to celebrate the holiday.

Graduations – May and June

The most popular graduation season is May and June. In May you’ll see more college graduations starting at the beginning of the month and then high school will increase toward the end of the month.

June will likely be all high school parties but the decorations and supplies tend to be similar for both. You might see some parties extend beyond June or get guests looking for graduation supplies in December when college graduations complete the fall semester to receive their diplomas. But the bulk of the season is centered in just two months out of the year, which makes it simpler to stock supplies.

Luau and Summer Celebrations – Late May-August

When summer arrives, most people see it as a cause for celebration. In areas of the country that experience snow and colder weather are ready to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. And in areas where winter means the rainy season, residents are still excited to have the opportunity to get out and enjoy the fun summer offers.

Because of that, Memorial Day through the start of school, which is normally around mid-August, is luau and summer celebration time.

There are some really fun summer party decorations out there. Some themes you might consider stocking include tikis, flamingos and pineapples

If these items don’t move by the end of July, you might consider having a sale or advertising the items more heavily to clear out stock to make way for fall celebrations.

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Harvest Parties – Late September and October

While Halloween tends to take center stage in the fall, don’t forget about harvest parties. Guests will sip on apple cider, enjoy hayrides, and gather around the bonfire to enjoy the incoming crisp weather. For some, the weather is a welcomed change from the heat of the summer. Most people love the opportunity to take in the beauty and wonder that comes with the change in the leaves.

You can stock scarecrows, pumpkins, autumnal leaves and other such decorations right alongside your Halloween supplies. That way, customers can choose which party theme best fits their celebration and interests.

Baby Showers and Gender Reveal Parties – Year-round, but More Popular in the Summer

Baby showers and gender reveal parties can happen all year long. But they are most popular during the late spring and summer months because most babies are born from August to December. 

So while that doesn’t mean you’ll only stock these items in the summer, it’s good to keep in mind that sales will likely go up during the summer months as people get ready for their little one.

You should order a little more stock during these times to ensure you can serve your customers adequately.

Weddings – Year-round with Heavy Emphasis on May through October

Happy couples can get married any time of year, but the busiest season is May through October. You might see a small decrease during July and August as these hotter months are not as attractive to brides. But overall, the season runs from late spring to early fall.

After that, you can scale back your supplies to make room for all those Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. Just be aware that you don’t want to eliminate all wedding supplies after October because couples do choose wedding dates during the off-season for various reasons, including lower rates with venues and vendors. 

Retirements – End of the Year

The most common time of year for retirement is December. Amidst holiday celebrations and employees taking time off before it expires at the end of the year, businesses try to celebrate the work and accomplishments of their team who is retiring.

You might see an uptick in retirement party decoration interest in the final quarter of the year so consider keeping stock from September through December. That’s because employees must declare retirement 90-120 days in advance of their planned final day. And with vacation and sick time built up from years of service, they might have a healthy backlog of time off to use up, meaning their last day is long before the end of the year.

One reason retirements increase at the end of the year is because it makes for simpler taxes. Retirees don’t want to draw from their retirement plans until the new year so that their tax brackets won’t be impacted by their standard salary.

Birthdays – Year-round but Heavier in July-October

You’ll need to stock birthday supplies year-round because people can be born any time of year. However, research shows that July through October are the most popular birthday months. Plus, during this time of year, it’s far easier to have a birthday celebration because the weather is nice.

You might increase your ordering for birthdays a bit during this season to ensure you don’t need emergency orders where you pay far more to ship the items than you normally would.

Review last year’s volumes to help inform this year’s restocking for birthday supplies, knowing that you can start to cut back on your stock in November.

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