The Best Platforms to Find Helium Balloon Wholesale Suppliers

The Best Platforms to Find Helium Balloon Wholesale Suppliers

When buying balloons wholesale, you have to pay attention to whether or not they are rated for helium. This is an important item because it will tell you whether the balloons are designed just for regular air or will float when filled with helium. Some balloons are too thin to hold helium, which means they may only float for a short time or not at all.

Wholesale helium balloons are plentiful, you just have to know where to look and how to avoid low-quality party supplies. Learn how to stock your party supply business effectively using this list of the best helium balloon wholesale suppliers.

The Difference Between Helium Balloons and Balloons Designed for Standard Air

Helium is lighter than air, giving it the capability to make your balloons float. Standard air-filled balloons are better used as wall décor for a party or to help create a strong atmosphere.

Helium also lasts longer than standard air-filled balloons. With proper care, these balloons can look great for up to a week for mylar or 24 hours for latex. In contrast, standard air balloons often look shriveled or deflated quickly. The key to keeping helium balloons looking great is to avoid outdoor exposure as much as possible because the heat can impact the balloon material, allowing air to escape. You must protect all balloons from sharp surfaces, including those in your vehicle when transporting them.

Typically, you’ll pay a little more for helium-ready balloons because they must be thicker to hold the helium properly. 

The good news is, both helium and standard air balloons come in fun characters and designs to help you meet your customers’ needs for any party theme. 

Wholesale Helium Balloon Suppliers

As you search for high-quality helium balloons to stock your shelves, consider these suppliers.

1. SoNice Party

When shopping on SoNice Party, you’ll see clear indications as to whether the balloons are helium quality. For example, the theme printed latex balloons say right on the image for the product “helium quality.” And you can get these balloons in mermaids, poker cards, boy or girl balloons for gender reveal or baby shower, Mickey Mouse and more. 

In contrast, the light-up balloons do not have any helium indication on them, meaning you’ll need to be prepared to only fill these with standard air. 

You can also get Christmas helium balloons at wholesale from the website. The Merry Christmas balloon bouquet is a popular item for parties and celebrations. It comes with 12 balloons, all helium ready.

The mylar or foil balloons are also simple to review for whether they are rated for helium because they have a clear indicator at the top that will say “helium quality” or not.

wholesale balloons online

The benefit to the packaging being where you’ll find the helium indicator is that when you stock your shelves, your customers will also know at a glance whether the balloons will work well with helium or if they should just plan to inflate them at home. You won’t have to worry about disgruntled customers who weren’t sure how to use the balloons and requesting refunds for their purchases, even after opening and using the products.

With clear packaging indicators, you’ll find happy customers who return to your store time and again for their balloon needs.

Looking for Wholesale Party Supplies?

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2. Balloons Direct

Balloons Direct focuses only on balloons for wholesale and no other party supplies. While this is beneficial because it means a wide selection of balloons and accessories, it also means you’ll need to manage multiple suppliers for your store, which can mean more shipping expenses to order from various sites.

You’ll find seasonal balloons for everything from holidays to back to school. One unique thing they carry is large balloons designed to help with advertising. This could give you an additional product to market and sell to other local businesses. You won’t be able to custom print the balloons with logos or designs, but offering a variety of colors could help with supplying local companies with their brand colors.

The site does offer free shipping for orders over $149 and flat-rate shipping for orders under that price. 

3. Helium Xpress Balloon Wholesale

Helium Xpress does offer more than just balloons, which is good news for busy shop owners looking for a simple place to go for wholesale party supplies alongside their balloon needs. Plus, you’ll find many character helium balloons at wholesale prices to delight customers and meet their party theme needs.

Some characters you’ll find include Avengers, Barbie, Batman, Cars, Dr. Seuss, Minions, Paw Patrol, Transformers and Winnie the Pooh. You’ll also find some Disney characters, such as Aladdin and Frozen.

You’ll also find gas and equipment supplies to help prepare for filling balloons at your store.

Purchase recognizable balloon brand names on the site, including Tuftex, Funsational and more. Shop the upcoming holidays to get reminders about what to stock in your store leading up to important holidays, such as Grandparents Day or Boss’s Day.

4. LA Balloons

If you’re looking for helium balloon wholesale options, LA Balloons is a good one to look at. They focus only on balloons, so you won’t be able to stock your full store from one wholesaler. 

You’ll find many top latex brands, including Sempertex, Qualatex and more. Plus, they stock all kinds of balloon equipment both to help you operate your store and for your customers to purchase to make using the balloons simple.

Businesses just getting started will find the financing options through Klarna helpful. That way, you can get started without a business loan and instead make small monthly payments to pay off your initial inventory as you start making money with your store.

There are also many popular character balloons available on the site. They have an entire category of video game characters, which tend to be popular themes for birthday parties today. But you’ll also find kids’ TV shows, movies, toys and superhero themes. 

One other category of items they offer at wholesale is silk flowers. So if you’re looking for a supplier for this item in your store, look no further. 

To get wholesale prices, you’ll need to sign up for a wholesale account. You can also verify your nonprofit with the company to enjoy special discounts and tax-free purchases if you’re a qualifying organization.

The company ships worldwide but is based out of Glendale, California, to offer local customer service for US-based companies.

Getting Started with Helium Balloons Wholesale in the USA

Set up your balloon helium wholesale through SoNice Party today. You’ll enjoy wholesale prices not just on balloons, but hundreds of other party supplies and decorations as well. It’s an ideal place to order supplies for your store or event planning business because you can get everything you need in one place.

Once you place an order, SoNice Party will ship it within 48 hours Monday through Friday using USPS or UPS. Shipping rates are based on order weight and shipping destination, but you won’t experience any surprises. You’ll see a shipping calculation upon entering your information for checkout.

Get started today!

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