Trends in Party Themes: Discovering the Latest and Most Popular Choices

Trends in Party Themes: Discovering the Latest and Most Popular Choices

Want to make sure you have everything in stock to support the most popular party themes today? Review a list of the leading trends in party themes to ensure you’re ready and equipped to support these parties.

Trends in Party Themes

Review these leading party themes that hosts are using to ensure guests have a fun time at their parties. These are the trendiest options that you’ll see across social media platforms.

1. Mocktails

A new trend that has hit beverages is non-alcoholic beverages. They remove the risks of drinking and driving and don’t have the unpleasant side effects of hangovers and other challenges the next day. They also don’t interrupt sleep patterns or physical performance for athletic endeavors.

For that reason, offering fun cups and platters for drinks of all kinds can help bolster your party supply business. Don’t mark them as cocktail glasses or accessories. Leave them a bit more open-ended so that party hosts can get more creative in how they use them.

Publish blog articles about how to create fun mocktails for a party so that party planners feel empowered to host this party theme to still be trendy without the alcohol.

2. Milestone Celebrations

Nothing has changed with this party theme, except for finding fun ways to highlight the milestone year. For example, teach party hosts how to freeze ice cubes with the year the person was born of offer molds to make it simple.

Make sure you have plenty of foil number balloons in stock to help party planners build the perfect backdrop for photos and memories of this important celebration. Party planners want to go all out with this to make it really memorable and social media-worthy.

The most common milestone birthdays are 16, 18, 21 and then every decade after that. If you’re ready for those birthdays, you’ll likely offer what most shoppers are looking for. 

3. Bright, Bold Colors

Party planners want the occasion to stand out in more ways than one. For the perfect photos and the most vivid memories, they want to use bold, bright colors. As you plan what party decorations and supplies to stock, don’t skip over standard colors like white and silver but make sure you also have plenty of bright, bold color options.

Think saturated colors that will pop no matter their backdrop. You don’t want to mix too many colors for a single party, but you do want to provide your customers options to match their vision and dreams for their party to delight them.

As part of this trend, people are leaning into bright florals and that applies year-round. People want something that brings some life to the party and bright florals can do that. 

4. Celebrity Themed

Everyone wants to be like the rich and famous. And because of social media, people have an insider’s view into what their lives are like – or at least what the celebrity wants people to think their lives are like.

People take inspiration from celebrities to theme their parties. They look to reels and TikTok videos for ideas for party themes and inspiration. Because of that, they tend to attempt pulling off events that they’ve seen on famous people’s social media, such as the Kardashians or their favorite sports legend. 

Staying up on these trends is challenging because they are ever-changing and celebrities tend to have no price limits for their parties. Just do your best to follow these trends as they arrive.

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5. Disco

What’s old is new again. Many fashion statements and styles from several decades ago are coming back, and so is disco. What might seem like it was long ago is now fun and exciting again.

There is an allure of disco because of the dark format with flashing lights. It’s a thrilling setting and one that is rising from the 70s back to popularity again. People are theming everything from fundraisers to bachelorette parties with a disco theme. Offering fun trinkets like these 4-inch disco ball tumbler cups. Party planners will love the opportunity to carry the theme into every aspect of the party.

6. Barbie

Barbie isn’t just a toy; she’s an icon for girls of all ages. And because of that, Barbie-themed parties have always been popular. However, the release of the new Barbie film in 2023 has led to a resurgence in Barbie-themed parties. For some, it’s nostalgic. For others, it’s a way of introducing Barbie to the next generation by theming young girls’ birthday parties that way.

Think bright bubble gum pink for everything. You can also stock some Barbie-specific items, like balloons. But if you want to keep it generic so that the goods will fit a variety of party themes, going all pink will be the way to go.

7. Extravagant Balloon Garlands

Once upon a time, balloon creations were only for those who had a few hundred dollars to pay for professionals. But today, there are many DIY methods for adding a balloon garland or arch to a party. Balloon garland kits put the party planner in charge of creating the perfect atmosphere. 

While building a garland yourself will take a few hours, many party planners don’t mind and will take on the challenge. Offer both themed and generic garland kits to meet customer needs and make this party decoration attainable for all types of parties.

8. Neon

It used to be that neon was reserved for ’80s throwback parties. But modern teenagers are leaning into this theme as a fun way to celebrate. Some are even mixing neon and disco for a unique party experience.

As such, you’ll want to stock many neon colors and glow-in-the-dark items to help support this party theme. 

9. Creative Sweets

If you want another form of income, you can rent out equipment like cotton candy machines and kettle corn makers. There is a different liability level that comes with these rentals than just selling goods. But it might be a way to capitalize on helping party planners create an experience for guests.

While cake still reigns supreme with parties, more creative sweets that make for better photos and unique experiences are winning the party scene over now. If rentals don’t sound appealing to you, source supporting materials, such as sticks and kits to make it possible for party planners to create these unique sweets.

10. Dog Parties

People love their pets as members of their families. As such, they are starting to throw birthday or adoption day parties for their pets. As such, dog-themed parties are growing in popularity to celebrate these special pooches.

Consider stocking dog treats and animal-themed items to help animal owners celebrate their furry friends.

Stocking High-quality Party Décor and Supplies

Party trends are constantly changing. It’s important to stay up on trends to avoid overstocking items that are headed out of favor with party planners. If you’re looking for a reliable wholesaler for common party materials and timeless decorations, create your wholesale account with SoNice Party today.

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