The Best Balloon Manufacturers in the World. Here’s our List.

The Best Balloon Manufacturers in the World. Here’s our List.

As you consider the best way to serve your customers, you want to ensure you’re offering high-quality party supplies and balloons. Whether you’re a party planner or a party supply store, finding the best balloon manufacturers is essential. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive list of trustworthy brands.

Best Balloon Manufacturer Options

As you search for the highest quality balloons, consider these manufacturers and their products.

1. Qualatex

While this manufacturer offers worldwide service and shipping, it is based in Wichita, Kansas, making it a simple company to work with when placing domestic orders. That way, you know you’re ordering from a company with common customer service hours and won’t have to worry about international shipping. 

Qualatex is a leader in the industry and hosts the World Balloon Convention (WBC) each year to bring together balloon professionals for networking and education. 

The company’s 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee also ensures you’ll have a good experience. The company backs up its satisfaction guarantee with the following 4 commitments to customers.

  1. Quality: because the word is in its name, the company commits heavily to offering the best products available. Balloons undergo stringent quality and control testing for strength and color consistency.
  2. Innovation: find unique balloons and products that make balloon creations simpler for the average person.
  3. Education: learn how to grow your business from a team of experts.
  4. Service: no matter what issue you’re facing, reach out to the Qualatex team and they’ll be happy to help.

This is an American balloon manufacturer offering its products in many colors and sizes. Its latex balloons float for 18-24 hours, making them easier to work with and allowing you to offer customers balloon inflation the day before an event while still ensuring the balloons look great for their party or occasion.

2. Betallic

The company focuses on latex balloons, but you’ll find a variety of materials available from the company. Its Sempertex line dates back to 1938 and offers global products from its headquarters in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Balloons from Betallic come with a custom-engineered manufacturing process using proprietary equipment and materials. It’s always looking for ways to make balloons stronger and better.

When ordering from the company, you’ll find an array of 70 colors to choose from in many sizes and options. 

If you offer balloon creations or designers to hire for parties and occasions, you’ll find the B Gallery helpful. This offers designs and inventory materials you’ll need to create them. There are timeless and seasonal designs. This includes popular balloon arch and garland designs to make memorable experiences for party guests.

Want a custom balloon that only your store offers? You can order unique balloons in shapes or designs you choose to offer your customers. Work with customers to order custom balloons for marketing purposes or stock balloons others won’t find elsewhere.

3. Anagram

Anagram offers high-quality products with a commitment to sustainability. The company is focused on reducing carbon emissions during the manufacturing process to make a better world for future generations. It also works to decrease waste. 

Some ways the company commits to sustainability are by using energy-efficient LED lighting throughout its facilities and manufacturing products using heat recovery and air emission equipment. 

Its products require 40 percent less helium for inflation, to help reduce the pull on the world’s resources. And its product packaging is minimal to ensure less waste. 

The company lists its distributors on its website to make it easy to find its products. You could become a distributor for the company to resell its products to customers near you. 

Review the company’s product catalogs to prepare your orders for special occasions. Catalogs are released three times per year with the seasonal products you might consider. 

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4. Amscan

If you’re looking for a manufacturer that makes both balloons and high-quality supplies and party goods you can stock in your store, Amscan is a great option. The company offers wholesale prices so you can pass along value to your customers while maximizing profits. 

You’ll find many versatile products, including standard colored partyware that will serve needs for a variety of party needs. Choose cups, plates and napkins that color coordinate to offer your customers exactly what they need for everything from birthdays to gender reveal parties.

You’ll find licensed balloon characters that your customers will appreciate. That way, you can help reach customers of all kinds and cater to their party themes.

5. Creative Balloons Manufacturing Inc.

Since the 1970s, the company has been offering high-quality balloons and accessories. It is committed to excellence and sustainability. A unique aspect of these balloons is the fact that they can be re-inflated using the E-Z Safety Seal Balloon Valve. It also uses recyclable materials, including inflator valves. 

The company ships orders worldwide and has a U.S. warehouse to make purchases in the country simple. Enjoy safe and fast online orders using the online wholesale portal.

Unsure about what you need or looking for advice for seasonal orders? You can reach out to the customer service team to learn more. 


If you’re looking for balloon manufacturers in the USA, this company should certainly be one of your considerations. The manufacturer has been producing high-quality balloons in a variety of sizes and colors since 1915. 

However, one challenge with ordering TUFTEX is that they don’t offer purchases directly from their website. You’ll have to go through a distributor. There are many US-based distributors to choose from to stock your party supply store. Just review the TUFTEX website distributor list for options in the country.  

High-quality Balloons and Party Supplies from SoNice Party

Best Balloon Manufacturers

While they aren’t one of the many balloon manufacturers in the world, SoNice Party does distribute high-quality balloons, accessories and party supplies within the US.

The company started as a party supply store in California and has grown to become a wholesale provider helping other party supply stores and party planners find affordable goods to outfit their business. Whether you offer balloon creations – such as arches, garlands or animals – are considering starting a stuffed balloon business or need to stock desirable supplies for your store, you’ll find outstanding options from SoNice Party.

Latex balloons come in many sizes and colors to help complement any foil balloon you offer in-store. That way you can create stunning balloon bouquets for all sorts of parties. Or offer packages of balloons for customers to purchase and inflate at home.

Alongside quality balloons, you’ll find creative and unique party decorations fitting for any party. This includes balloon garland kits, gender reveal party poppers, treat boxes, cake toppers, tableware, tablecloths and more. Enjoy wholesale prices on all orders. 

Create your wholesale account now to gain access to some of the most affordable, reliable wholesale party balloons and supplies.

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