How to Plan a Memorable 21st Birthday Celebration

How to Plan a Memorable 21st Birthday Celebration

For many people, a memorable 21st birthday celebration is a major cause for a party. It’s another step into adulthood. Planning the perfect celebration can make the milestone memorable and everything your guest of honor has dreamed of for years.

Find fun party ideas and themes for your celebration as well as some products and decorations that are perfect for the occasion.

21st Birthday Party Themes

The first step in planning your birthday celebration is to come up with the theme for the party. The theme can be simple and be a gentle undertone for the celebration or it can be bold and be seen in every aspect of the party. It’s up to you how you handle it.

1. Western

Bring a Southern vibe to your celebration with a Western theme. Don’t worry, you can keep the theme classy and fun. Adding some boots and cowboy hats to your apparel can be an extra special way to dress up and make the celebration unique. Or skip the costumes and just enjoy some of the comforts of the South during your party. 

2. Roaring 20s

Go back in time to the classic 20s with your birthday theme. This theme tends to be glamorous with gold, white or black color schemes. You’ll also enjoy a fancy dress code and more sophisticated decorations, like champagne flutes or even a champagne tower. Your guests can enjoy wearing flapper dresses and their best suits.

3. Brunch

When planning a 21st birthday celebration, many people think about the evening hours for the party with the chance to go from bar-to-bar or hang out in a club. But for those looking for a completely different vibe and the chance to relax at home, a brunch theme is where it’s at. 

Celebrate in your home or book event space at the best brunch location in your area. A boozy brunch makes for a fun way to get together with friends and enjoy the celebration.

4. Disco

As certain trends come and go, disco remains a fun party theme that never disappoints. It’s sparkly, energizing and retro. The theme lends itself to popping photo backdrops and all the best tunes. Rock out to 70s music all night as you celebrate the occasion. If you go with this theme, be sure to pick up some 4-inch disco ball tumbler cups to make the theme come to life.

5. Barbie Pink

If your guest of honor is super girlie, she will enjoy a Barbie theme or just a bright pink. Use ribbons, bows and all things feminine to celebrate the day. Invite your guests to dress all in pink as you celebrate your guest of honor.

6. Fiesta

Memorable 21st Birthday Celebration

With bright colors, drinks and yummy food options, a fiesta theme will delight your guests. Planning the food is simple – just do a taco or nacho bar. Offer margaritas in a variety of flavors and enjoy a simple party to organize. 

SoNice Party offers a variety of ideal fiesta decorations. Here’s a look at a few you might consider.

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7. Painting

If you want a fun activity built into your theme, a painting party is excellent. It’s also a fun way to celebrate with a daytime party. All you’ll need to pull off this theme are some canvases, paints, music and enough space for everyone to gather to be artistic. Decorate in bold colors or go with a pastel theme depending on your preferences and your guest of honor’s personality.

8. Charcuterie

You’ve seen fancy charcuterie boards all over social media. Now bring them to life with a charcuterie-themed party. Delicious meats, cheeses, fruits and nuts also go fantastically well with wine. Do a tasting to help your guest of honor find their favorite types as they explore their new abilities to drink wine.

9. Boho

Classy and simple, boho is a great option for your celebration. Although you’ll be decorating with neutrals, you’ll find the theme fun to bring to life. Build a balloon garland or arch in ivory or another simple color. Or you can purchase a garland kit that will fit well with the boho theme.

10. Beach

Go tropical with a fun beach theme. It doesn’t have to be summertime for this party either. During colder months, you can take the party inside with beach balls, a sandbox and invite guests to wear beach apparel. Of course, if it is summer, it’s a little more fun and easier to bring the theme to life. You can also engage in a water balloon fight for some lighthearted fun.

11. Blackout

Don’t take this theme to mean you should drink until you blackout. It refers to the color. The theme is probably one of the easiest to pull off. Set up a photo booth using the black number balloons. Purchase the numbers 2 and 1 to set up a great backdrop.

12. Picnic

Host a charming backyard party with a simple picnic theme. Your food for the party can be simple or you can even do it as a potluck if you want to take some burden off yourself for preparing everything.

13. Beer Olympics

If beer is the drink of choice for your party, enjoy some beer Olympics. Set up some yard games and compete. You don’t necessarily need to tie drinking beer to any of the games but can enjoy a brew alongside the activities. Invite your friends to represent different countries or even prep shirts that display various flags to make it even more organized. 

14. Casino

Host a casino night. You don’t necessarily need to go to your local casino to pull off this theme. Invite people to come ready to play poker or other classic casino games. Use poker chips to help keep score, but you don’t necessarily need to make them buy in with real money to play.

15. Jersey Shore

When you know your guests are Jersey Shore fans, this is a great party theme option. Guests can sport a great spray tan and have fun mimicking their favorite characters.

16. Rosé All Day

This is a cute party theme that also lends itself well to pink décor if you want to use what you have or have an easier time finding and purchasing party items. The theme works best when you know your party guests enjoy rosé. However, you can also serve other wines or beverages alongside rosé to ensure you have something for everyone.

Preparing for a 21st Birthday Party

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