Chrome Latex Balloons Wholesale – Prices, Colors and Sizes Available

Chrome Latex Balloons Wholesale – Prices, Colors and Sizes Available

Chrome latex balloons offer a classic balloon appearance with that little bit of class that the metallic finish provides. You’ll find these balloons are popular in a variety of use cases, including:

  • Milestone birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Baby showers
  • Corporate celebrations
  • Bridal showers

As you search for the ideal chrome balloons at wholesale prices and quantities, review these options for prices, colors, sizes and more!

Reasons to Add Chrome Options to Your Wholesale Latex Balloons Order

Party supply stores and party planners know that chrome balloons offer many great advantages. Here’s a look at some reasons to add these to your offering and get them at outstanding wholesale prices.

  • Appearance: the shine on these balloons makes them look metallic. It adds some glamor to the decoration. The reflective surface on chrome balloons can make an occasion feel extra special.
  • Long-lasting: chrome balloons tend to last a little longer because of the metallic coating. That coating protects the balloon from damage and reduces the likelihood that the balloon will start leaking prematurely.
  • Versatile: use chrome balloons in a variety of settings. You can inflate them with air or helium. Use them in garlands or arches or simply let them float and look great at your party. They also make an attractive table centerpiece. 
  • Classy: party supply stores can cater to additional audiences when they offer more than just the classic or kitschy party supplies. Reach a more refined audience with this balloon option.

Chrome Latex Balloons Wholesale

When you’re in the market for chrome latex balloons at wholesale prices, you’ll find the options are slim. But you don’t need tons of options when there are already high-quality wholesalers available. Review these options for adding chrome latex balloons to your store.

1. SoNice Party

With generous wholesale discounts of up to 30 percent or more on items, you can’t beat the price mixed with quality. Not only will you find great balloons, but the site is filled with more than 2,000 party supplies and decorations. 

The founders know all about running a party supply store because they operate their own out of Vernon, California. After learning about the industry with their store, they’ve been able to help others add party supplies to their general stores or open a standalone party supply store. With high-quality products and a breadth of offerings, it’s a great option for stocking your shelves.

2. Balloons Direct

Balloons Direct offers a wide variety of balloons, including Kalisan Mirror Chrome balloons. Kalisan is a leader in latex balloons. As such, you will pay higher costs for these balloons and you won’t experience quite the savings like you do with other providers. But Balloons Direct does offer free shipping on orders over $149 or flat rate shipping of $9.50 for all other orders. Those who live near the Lorton, Virginia, warehouse can pick up the balloons in person after ordering online. 

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3. Balloons ‘N More

This balloon wholesaler stocks Qualatex Balloons, another high-quality balloon manufacturer. If you want a name brand that consumers will recognize, this is a great option. These balloons come in many outstanding color options. Buy in bulk of 100 balloons at decent rates. With support during traditional business hours Monday through Friday, you can get assistance with finding and purchasing balloons now.

What You Need to Know About Prices, Colors and Sizes

SoNice Party offers chrome balloons in many sizes and colors at incredible prices. You’ll find prices to be extremely competitive and help you stock your store at outstanding wholesale prices for better margins. Here’s a look at your wholesale options.

Chrome Latex Balloons Wholesale

18-inch Chrome Balloons

These large balloons come in packs of 3. They add texture and visual interest to garlands and arches but generally aren’t the main balloons you’ll use in this case. They come in many colors, including red, blue, lavender, purple, green, turquoise, gold, silver and rose gold. 

12-inch Chrome Balloons

This is the classic balloon size that you see in most scenarios. It is great for just about anything, including being the mainstay in garlands and arches. These fancy balloons come in a 25-pack from SoNice Party and feature the following colors: gold, silver, rose gold, red, royal blue, lavender, purple, lime green, turquoise, black and mixed colors.

5-inch Chrome Balloons

With a high-quality design, these smaller balloons make for great accents. You’ll love using them in boxes as a centerpiece or accenting balloon arches using these neat balloons. While they are small to use as floating balloons, you’ll find plenty of use cases for them. Purchase these balloons in the following color options: red, blue, lavender, purple, green, turquoise, gold, silver, rose gold, black and mixed colors. Packages include 72 pieces. 

Chrome Modeling Balloons

Shape your balloons into anything you’d like. Want a sparkling rose? You can make that with the metallic finish on these balloons. Or perhaps you’re looking to shape a ring out of balloons to ask your sweetheart to marry you or for your family to celebrate the occasion with an engagement party. Regardless, these modeling balloons are easy to work with and hold their vibrant appearance even once inflated. You can purchase packages of 50 in the following color options: red, blue, lavender, purple, green, turquoise, gold, silver, rose gold or mixed.

Chrome Balloon Garland Kit

When you don’t want to come up with a garland design yourself and want to know you’ll have all the necessary pieces to complete the design, you purchase a balloon garland kit. These kits include six 5-inch balloons, 40 12-inch balloons and three 18-inch balloons. The final product once you assemble the garland is six feet long, making it a great addition to any party. Purchase the kit with gold, silver, rose gold, chrome gold/silver/black or multi-color.

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It’s easy to get started with SoNice Party. To get generous wholesale prices on leading party supplies, simply open your free wholesale account today. It only takes a few basic pieces of information to get started and view pricing on the thousands of items available immediately. Place your first order and get started quickly. Or if you need help, reach out to the team standing by to assist you in finding the perfect items based on your needs.

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